Coffe Bay – Hiking, Jumping and Magic

After leaving Port Shepstone, Claire and I made our way to Coffee Bay. This little coastal town is on the Wild Coast, a piece of South African coastline that is famed for its rugged beauty. And the cliffs and beaches around Coffee Bay most certainly do live up to the expectations. We arrived at The […]

Two hospitals in Port Shepstone

The Drakensberg Mountains are stunning. One of the oldest mountain ranges in Africa, they take your breath away as you see them come shooting up out of the ground into the sky. The Amphitheatre Guesthouse looks directly at the mountain range and it was there that Claire and I stayed for a few nights. During […]

Seeing a faith healer in Lesotho

I’d had headaches for four or five days. They weren’t too serious or painful and they were disappearing once I took pain killers, however, they were starting to worry me. Luckily for me, Claire was on the case. We were sat in a faith healer’s living room in the beautiful mountainous country of Lesotho. This […]

Whale Watching in St Lucia

When you’re travelling as we have been, for a long time and far away from the comforts of home, it is the simple things that can really make your day. When Claire and I arrived in St Lucia, a few hours down the coast from Sodwana Bay where we’d be spending the next few days, […]

‘Snorkeling’ in Sodwana Bay

Snorkelling, especially in tropical locations filled with colourful and interesting fish and other varied sealife, can be a wonderfully calming and enjoyable experience. That’s why Claire and I had decided to go snorkelling at Sodwana Bay – one of the world’s best SCUBA diving spots. We had made our way to the beach filled with […]

Swaziland – A small but beautiful country

After leaving the city of Johannesburg, a place that Claire and I had fallen in love with during our short stay, we picked up our car. We had a set of wheels! Both of us were ecstatic. Whist seven months of public transport had been fun, if a little squashed, we were now able to […]

Lions v Highlanders

Ellis Park, the national rugby stadium of South Africa, is also now known as the Emirates Stadium and is covered in the airline’s branding. It’s also the home stadium of the Lions, the South African rugby champions. Claire and I had managed to get ourselves two tickets to watch the Lions take on a New […]

Walking around Soweto

The day after our walking tour of Johannesburg, Claire and I joined Teppo and Victor again, this time heading to Soweto. We all hopped on the minibus and made our way out of central Jo’burg and into Soweto. Once we arrived, we pulled up in a compound inside which was a school and kindergarten. We […]

Arriving in Johannesburg

Johannesburg is a city with a bad reputation and many people and publications list it in their top ten lists of most dangerous places to go. You only need to head there to get a good idea of just how dangerous people think it is. As soon as we told people we were making our […]

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is an ancient ruin, dating back to around 800 years ago. It was an old fort and set of stone walls that were built to house the king of the region and his family, as well as his followers and the members of his village. It is also the site that gave its […]

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