Never Come Back! Never Come Back! Never Come Back!

Outside the bar was a battered old pickup truck. Its windows were wound down and gangster rap was blaring from the stereo. Claire and I could hear it from the dorm in which we were sat, and thought it was coming from the bar itself. We made our way down to grab a drink and […]

Party with the Germans!

After leaving Lilongwe Claire and I had been to Cape Maclear and enjoyed a few days by the beach before heading to Liwonde National Park and seeing plenty of animals out on the river. Then we’d made our way to Blantyre for a few days enjoying great food. But after all that we were back […]

Christian magazines and racist old books in Blantyre

We were sat in the Mandala Café in Blantyre, Malawi, when I discovered an American magazine all about Christianity. It was our first morning in Blantyre after having arrived in the town the previous day from Liwonde National Park, and Claire and I had made our way to the café for breakfast. When we arrived […]

Liwonde National Park, The Joker and a Lot of Hippos

It would seem, from our short experience of going on safaris and other guided tours, that there are a number of characters you can often come across. There is the joker, who is perennially attempting to transform everything that the guide is saying into a joke to make the rest of the group laugh; then […]

Peace and quiet at Cape Maclear

It seems like we keep bumping into people we met at The Mushroom Farm. And on our first morning in Cape Maclear as Claire and I were relaxing by the lake, after eating a lovely breakfast, another familiar face popped in. We had met Peter at The Farm during our second stint and had got […]

Evil Babies, Chickens and Automobiles

I imagine that when we get back to the UK a lot of my belongings will need replacing. My shoes for a start are falling to pieces. My jeans have become rather tatty from walking around on dusty roads and tracks. A lot of my t-shirts are starting to show signs of wear and tear […]

Lilongwe from home…

During our first stint at The Mushroom Farm we met a large group of volunteers, most of whom were German. Whilst we were hanging out they kindly offered us a place to crash for free when we made it down to Lilongwe where they lived. So, after promising to make it down to them for […]

Chizumulu Island

The Chilembwe is a robust boat, a large metallic beast that looks as if it could cope with the roughest seas. It was to be the vessel that Claire and I would take to get to Chizumulu Island near the Mozambique side of Lake Malawi. We sat on the side of the lake and waited […]

Butterfly Space

“And the capital of Botswana is Gabon,” said AJ, the owner of The Butterfly Space. There were some murmurs from the crowd. “It’s Gabarone,” I said to the guys at my table, “I am sure it’s Gabarone, Gabon is a country”. This was the pub quiz at the lodge, and AJ was armed only with […]

Boat rescue!

Claire and I had just finished putting up our tent at The Butterfly Space. We were stood in the camping bit, right on the edge of the lake, gazing out at the water when it came into view. Out of nowhere came a giant construction, floating on the water. It was a flat platform, with […]

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