Unexpected entertainment

The first ever Ugandan Presidential Debate was televised whilst we were staying in Kampala. We were joined at the bar by a few locals as the debate went on into the night. There were seven candidates on stage ready to inform the nation on why they were ready to be their new leader. President Musuveni, […]


  Mutatus are brilliant. Imagine a 12 seater Toyoya van battered, bruised and brimming with people. Weaving their way through the city of Kampala, mutau drivers constantly beep their horns at passers by in an attempt to encourage more people on board. Similar to British buses they follow a set route, though you’re able to […]

Our first taste of Kampala

“I love Museveni” said Joseph our quiet but chatty driver as he took us from the Red Chilli Hideaway into the centre of Kampala, Uganda’s capital city. Museveni is the current president of Uganda who has been in power for some 30 years and looks to be set to remain in power after the elections […]

Moon Weasel and Space Monkey

A number of years ago in the not too distant past, an American soldier whose name I can’t remember was stationed in Afghanistan. During his time there he and many other troops befriended local street dogs that were attracted to the American camps due to the promise of scraps of food. Apparently many soldiers took […]

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