Robben Island

Robben Island is situated nearly seven kilometres off the coast of Cape Town and is well known thanks to its prison. It was in this prison that Nelson Mandela served most of his twenty seven year sentence. The name is Dutch for ‘Seal Island’ because, as you could expect, there were plenty of seals here […]

Climbing Table Mountain

So we were back in the majestic beauty of Cape Town and spent a few more days enjoying its wonderful array of bars, restaurants and cafes. And then one morning we decided it was time to climb Table Mountain. The mountain itself, which looms high above the city of Cape Town, was not covered in […]

Running Away From Paternoster

Claire and I arrived in Paternoster from Stellenbosch in the middle of the morning. The sun was shining and the air was warm. We picked up the keys to where we were staying and then drove through the streets to our little beach hut style apartment. However, as we drove through the town we noticed […]

Drinking Wine in Stellenbosch

Stellenbosch is an incredibly picturesque town. It is filled with tree lined avenues, quaint little cafes, interesting shops and dotted around its perimeter are plenty of lovely wine farms. It’s in the main wine region of South Africa, and that was precisely the reason why we’d made our way there from Cape Town. As soon […]

Cape Town!

As you drive in to Cape Town you are presented with the beautiful Table Mountain. This gigantic mountain towers over the city at all times and when you first see it in all its glory, making the big city of Cape Town seem miniscule, it takes your breath away. I don’t think I have ever […]

Cango Caves and Ostrich Eggs

The Cango Caves on the outskirts of the town of Outdshoorn are situated inside a gigantic limestone ridge and are millions of years old. There are huge staligtites and staligmites that tower metres up from the ground and down from the ceiling, with one being estimated to be one and a half million years old. […]

Wilderness – The Man Who Lives in a Cave

We’ve seen plenty of amazing sights on this trip. We’ve had our minds blown by close encounters with wild mountain gorillas, the sheer magnitude of Victoria Falls and countless vistas. We’ve witnessed a huge range of animals out in their natural habitats, from lions and leopards to elephants, whales and dolphins. However, despite all of […]

Nature’s Valley

Wild Spirit Backpackers in Nature’s Valley was one of the most delightful little spots we’d visited on our trip. The communal living room was inside a nice wooden cabin with a wood fire and comfy sofas. The doors opened out onto the deck, which had a nice rustic bar and plenty of outside seating space […]

Surfer Dudes at Jeffreys Bay

Surfers, I’ve always felt, often are rather cliché. Perhaps this is harsh as not all surfers are. But often, you can tell just by looking at someone, or talking to them about non-surf related things, when someone is a surfer. Now this is not a negative thing at all. It’s merely an observation. After leaving […]

Hogsback – A Beautiful Town in the Mountains

Hogsback is a town up in the Amathole Mountains of the Eastern Cape. The strange name comes from one of two possible theories. The first, and more boring theory, is that the town was named after Captain Hogg – the commander of Fort Michael. The other is that the town takes its name from the […]

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