Lake Kivu

After a fun filled and relatively cosmopolitan time in Kigali, Claire and I decided to spend a bit of time on Lake Kivu in the far West of the country. We were after some peace and quiet. We hopped on a bus to a small town on the lake called Karongi and a few hours […]

APR v Young Africans in the African Champions League

Claire and I were hanging out at Yambi Guesthouse with Patrick, the manager, when he told us that there was a football match taking place at the weekend. The game, an African Champions League clash, was being played at the Amahoro Stadium, the Rwandan national stadium. APR, the current Rwandan champions based in Kigali, were […]

Kigali Genocide Memorial

The Kigali Genocide Memorial is a harrowing experience, but one which you cannot overlook if you are visiting the Rwandan capital. Over a million Tutsis and moderate Hutus were slaughtered in just under 100 days in 1994, and the memorial that Claire and I visited was the burial place of over 200,000 of those victims. […]

Kigali – Rwanda’s clean and efficient capital!

Kigali is like a European city. That was our first impression of Rwanda’s capital. Clean, modern with good roads and efficient public transport, this city is a million worlds away from Kampala and the other places we visited during our time in Uganda. Claire and I are staying at Yambi Guesthouse up on the hill […]

Leaving Uganda

Vincent Obama was the taxi driver taking us on our final drive out of Uganda to the border with Rwanda – 20 minutes south of the town of Kabale. A large, jovial man, Vincent shook when he laughed. And when Vincent shook, the whole car shook. “England! Ah, I love England. I think England and […]

Lake Bunyoni

Canoeing is fun. Canoeing to your next destination, with the trip having a purpose – getting you from A to B – is even more fun. Tyson, Claire and I were paddling our way inside a hollowed out tree across Lake Bunyoni, towards an island a few kilometres away. Tyson worked for the lodge we […]

Seeing gorillas up close in the rainforest

“Before we go, you need to make sure that you tuck your trousers into your stockings,” said Wilbur, our guide for the day who was kitted out in perfectly pressed green military-esque clothing, a green cap and a green t-shirt with the phrase ‘I penetrated the impenetrable’ on the back and the colourful Ugandan flag […]

Watching birthing at the dinner table

“Vhat are you doing here in Uganda?” Claire stops mid sentence and turns around. “Vhat are you doing here in Uganda? Are you studying?” asks the middle aged European woman on the table next to ours. “Uh, no we aren’t studying we’re just on holiday.” Claire says, twisting around to engage the woman in conversation. […]

Leaving Miryante Orphans Home

Our time at Miryante has, sadly, finally come to an end. In a couple of days we will be leaving the orphanage and moving on to the next step in our journey. During our time here we have met some interesting people. Doreen Tigah, the driving force behind the orphanage, is a wonderfully energetic and […]

Clubbing with David

David is Doreen’s brother. He runs an electrics shop in Kegyegwa, a small village near Miryante Orphans Home. One day whilst we were at his store charging our computer – we had to go all the way to his in order to do this due to the fact that we had no power at the […]

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