Down by the bay

Nkhata Bay is a beautiful town on the shores of Lake Malawi. It has some stunning scenery and also has a buzzing feel to it with a busy market, some cool bars and two fantastic lodges right on the edge of the water. One is called Mayoka Village and the other is The Butterfly Space. […]

Hanging out in Mzuzu

After leaving The Mushroom Farm for the last time, Claire and I were at Joy’s Place in Mzuzu, where we’d stay for a few days before heading to the lake. Joy, the owner, is from Korea and her husband Justin is from the states. We spent a few nights chilling with them and some of […]

Back to The Mushroom Farm

Claire, Mike Malawi and I were, for a couple of days at least, stuck in Chilinda Camp. Now, there are much worse places to end up having to spend a few days, and we weren’t complaining at all, but our time had come to leave. Luckily for us we managed to hitch a ride with […]

Game Drive!

Sometimes being stranded can be a good thing. I completely appreciate that there are a number of contributory factors and mitigating circumstances that can all play a part in just how the situation affects you. However, I stand by what I said: sometimes being stranded can be a good thing. Claire, Mike Malawi, and I […]

Becoming an uncle

Chilinda Camp, the final destination of our three day hike across Nyika National Park, is a beautiful and tranquil place. Built on the edge of a man-made pine forest, planted by the colonists many years ago, it is the base camp for game drives out into the surrounding area where you can see plenty of […]

Hiking across Nyika National Park

Claire and I set off from The Mushroom Farm at 7am on Wednesday morning. We were accompanied by Mike Malawi, our friend and porter. The three of us were heading up to Livingstonia, where we would meet Henry our ranger and guide, who would be taking us on a three day hike through Nyika National […]

Making it up the mountain

The branch of the tree whacked me in the head as we drove under it sending my hat flying off onto the road. I wasn’t looking where we were going as I was staring down at Claire as she tried to move my foot from off her leg. I wasn’t able to it myself as […]

Our first week in Malawi

Crossing borders is fun. You get to stroll across the neutral space between two nations excited about what your next destination has to hold. You also have to go through immigration twice. Once as you exit one nation, the next as you go into the other. Claire and I were making our way from Tanzania […]

Taking the train

So far on our trip Claire and I have utilised a variety of different modes of transport. We had arrived in Africa on a plane and used one to get from Rwanda to Tanzania. We’d also been driven around in taxis, minibuses and coaches. We’d hitch hiked in friendly strangers’ cars, jumped in the back […]

The Marangu Cultural Tour

“This is a Yuka leaf,” said Steve our tour guide, plucking the long thin green leaf from the stem. “The Chaga (sometimes spelled Chagga) people use these plants to separate farmers’ land.” Essentially the Chaga people, who live on the south and south easterly slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, and are fantastic farmers of coffee and […]

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