Never Come Back! Never Come Back! Never Come Back!

Outside the bar was a battered old pickup truck. Its windows were wound down and gangster rap was blaring from the stereo. Claire and I could hear it from the dorm in which we were sat, and thought it was coming from the bar itself. We made our way down to grab a drink and […]

South Luangwa National Park Game Drives – Part One

Claire and I had been in Zambia for just one night before we jumped on a bus that took us right to the door of Marula Lodge on the edge of South Luangwa National Park. When we arrived we were taken aback. Not only were we handed a lovely glass of iced tea on arrival, […]

Oh When The Saints Go Marching In

Hippos are huge and their short legs and pink underbellies make them look rather cute and a bit clumsy. However, regardless of their appearance, these animals are incredibly dangerous. During our second night at Marula Lodge, we had one right outside our tent munching away on the grass. I was asleep so didn’t hear it […]

South Luangwa National Park Game Drives – Part Two

Claire and I were extremely excited about the second round of game drives at South Luangwa National Park. The previous day had started off slowly, but after spotting the leopard in the evening, anything felt possible. As with the day before, we set off around 6am with David as our guide for another four hour […]

Home comforts in Lusaka

South Luangwa National Park is, it turns out, a fair distance from the other parts of Zambia that Claire and I wanted to visit. That’s why we awoke at 2am to catch a 3am coach down to the capital city Lusaka. We got up and crept through the campsite with our little flashlights, hoping not […]

Mosi-oa-Tunya – “the smoke that thunders”

David Livingstone is a name that is known all over the region of Africa that Claire and I had covered so far. One of the first westerners to explore Africa to the extent that he did, he was a missionary who had a bigger influence on the continent of Africa than almost anyone before or […]