Entering Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is a country that has gone through its fair share of hardships over the last century and beyond. And as Claire and I were preparing to cross over into the country formerly known as Rhodesia, from Zambia, things were yet again rather unstable. Zimbabwe’s national currency is the US Dollar and due to a […]

Walking among the rhinos

Throughout this trip Claire and I had been lucky enough to see a real range of beautiful wildlife. We’d seen lions, leopards, hyenas, elephants, hippos, giraffes, zebras, crocodiles, a range of antelope and birds of prey and even the magnificent mountain gorillas in Uganda. However, there was one other big animal that we had yet […]

The Rhino Man

There were eighteen of them. Mostly young, almost entirely Australian and all a few days into their trip. The group were on an overland tour. Overland tour operators take care of literally everything for their customers. The group get driven around in a gigantic bus, sitting higher than anyone else on the road; they get […]

Harare and Mutare

After leaving Bulawayo, Claire and I jumped on another sleeper train. This one was almost identical to the one we used a few days previous, and got us into Harare by midday the next day. Harare is the capital city of Zimbabwe and is rather hectic and dirty, especially when you compare it to Lusaka, […]

Chimanimani up in the mountains

The lodge was gorgeous. Clare and I had spent all day travelling eastwards into the mountains, to the village of Chimanimani, and then made our way to the lodge that had been recommended to us by Anne Bruce the day previous in Mutare. We arrived and Michael the member of staff showed us around and […]

Great Zimbabwe

Great Zimbabwe is an ancient ruin, dating back to around 800 years ago. It was an old fort and set of stone walls that were built to house the king of the region and his family, as well as his followers and the members of his village. It is also the site that gave its […]